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The kitchen interior can become not only a favorite place for the whole family but also the main decoration of the house. This kitchen design in classic style with accents of Provence is a perfect confirmation of this. Designers had to work with a large area of space. This gave scope to imagination and help to create a unique beauty in the interior. The kitchen set itself is located at the window. The wood, painted in a gentle blue color with a subtle effect of aging, miraculously fills the interior with a fresh and romantic mood. Two small windows decorated with beautiful curtains in the style of Provence. Natural silk with beautiful floral ornament gives the kitchen interior a more vivid mood. Curtains complemented by beautifully soft lambrequins and blue fringe. The incredible beautiful ceiling decor creates in the interior the mood of royal luxury. The stucco decor plays chiaroscuro under additional accents of lighting. A luxurious chandelier with large crystal pendants provides a festive mood. Artistic painting with delicate colors enhances the accent of romantic mood in the kitchen interior. Designers created an absolutely comfortable interior, using creative ideas. So insular working table with a coating of natural marble can, if necessary, could be used as a small dining table. The floor was decorated with a nice marble tile in beige tones and with stripes of floral ornaments. For the decor of the walls, designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered beautiful wallpaper with a laconic pattern. hospital building design, hospitality interior design firms, house architecture plans

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