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Tips in Choosing House Paint Design

The interior of the kitchen was created by the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design as a space that is designed to combine a cozy mood, comfort, and functionality. The style of minimalism very often becomes the basis for the creation of kitchen interiors, even if the rest of the space in the house or apartment is made in different styles. This beautiful kitchen was the continuation of a large living room in the Art Nouveau style. However, for the kitchen, the authors of the project proposed to minimize the decor, to further highlight the living room as the main and most elegant place in the house interior. The clarity of the lines and the beautiful geometry of the forms, combined with a pleasant range of warm colors, fill the kitchen space with a very warm and cozy mood. Insular design in the center of the room with high bar stools looks unassuming and comfortable. The interior of the kitchen did not look simple and boring. The interior designers luxuriously improvise with the decor of the walls and the facades of kitchen furniture. Behind the facade of furniture as accents, they offer three-dimensional 3D panels with an easy wave of ornament. The other facades of the walls are smooth with glossy painting visually expand the interior. And of course, behind these facades are concealed the newest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances. Continues beautiful furniture — the decor of the walls. The top of the walls along the entire perimeter of the kitchen was decorated with a large geometric pattern. To make the kitchen visually higher, the authors of the project use lighting accents and a niche on the ceiling. Marble on the floor performs both visually aesthetic and practical functions.

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