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Color ideas in kitchen design


When designing the interior of a small kitchen, the choice of colors is often a problem. Most designers agree that small rooms are best decorated in white. And this is a fully justified move. But if you think white in the interior of the kitchen is not practical, or you just want something else, Luxury Antonovich Design designers advise you to turn your attention to gray in combination with white.

Despite the fact that the gray palette is considered neutral and often acts as a supplement to some more vigorous and saturated color, this color looks quite interesting in various stylistic solutions and color combinations from Luxury Antonovich Design. White-gray kitchen can be modern or vintage, restrained or emotional, concise or tracery. Mood and character determine the companion shades and interior style, as well as its details, such as the color of curtains, countertops, floors, decor in the kitchen, dining room and living room.


Gray color is so versatile that absolutely any shades of it are a wonderful background. If the walls are made in a light gray design, then any other color can be used for furniture, even very bright. And the interior will still be restrained and calm, emphasizing favorably and making the contrasting colors shine. Gray shade in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design will give refinement, tranquility and freshness. Due to the correct choice of tone gray color will become a win-win option for kitchen decoration. Among the advantages of color is its ability to give new unusual combinations and reveal combinations from the new side. Gray is the neutrality and versatility that makes it a favorite for our designers.

Luxury Antonovich Design tips:

— Metallic color or chrome-plated facade or apron will connect well with a black metal hood;

— White kitchen with gray walls, with a gray worktop and silver kitchen appliances, this combination will be perfect with glossy kitchen facades;

— If the kitchen is a pronounced high-tech modern gray table and chairs will be just right;

— The gray floor plus gray apron with lighting will be practical, they will increase the brightness of the white facades.

Light shades of this color visually increases the space and do not obscure the natural lighting, so it is very suitable for fit-out of walls and floors of the kitchen. For fit-out of walls and floors of small kitchens, only light gray, gray-blue, gray-beige shades are suitable.

Luxury Antonovich Design professionals are able to use gray as the base color along with white and beige. As a result, it will dominate the interior of the kitchen and only be highlighted with bright accents of other colors. Gray is in perfect harmony with wood, which makes it easy to choose furniture for the kitchen. Ashes color in the interior can provide both flashy luxury and elegant minimalist simplicity. The abundance of decorative elements and massive furniture will not seem overly cumbersome on a gray background.

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