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Modern Luxury Kitchen Design Idea by Luxury Antonovich Design

Modern kitchen: style and laconicism

Simple and clear lines, the absence of unnecessary details, laconicism - this is how you can characterize the design of the kitchen in a modern style. But at the same time, this approach to the arrangement of the kitchen space does not in any way affect its convenience and comfort. Yes, everything in such a kitchen has its own place, and functional devices allow you to optimize the cooking process. But isnt that where comfort lies?

Despite the fact that strict requirements are not imposed on a modern interior in terms of colors (as, for example, to a classic interior), there are still not many bright details in such a kitchen. They are intended only to dilute the monotony and monotony of the interior, and not to draw all attention to themselves. But a light gray or white kitchen in a modern style can be found quite often. After all, it is light shades that allow you to visually expand the space, add space to it, then even a very small kitchen will seem larger.

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