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Kitchen Design in a Contemporary Style

The perfect purity of shapes and lines in the interior charms with its harmony and aesthetic perfection. Kitchen design in a modern style is complemented by several ornate accents. Interior design by studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design is an opportunity to transform completely the space of the apartment and to adjust its mood and character of the owners. Energetic and vibrant nature of the apartment interior in Dubai is fully consistent with the energetic and vibrant character of its owners. Here you can find peace of mind in an environment of harmony and luxury with laconic tones. In the area of ​​the dining room for enjoyable moments there are soft velvet chairs. In the walls decor strips of mirror panels with facet reflect lovely features of the interior and make it more expressive. Noble status of the apartment is underlined with floor of natural marble. Patterns of regular geometric shape on the floor indicate the different zones of the kitchen interior. Apartment design in Dubai is a clear line of fashion trends in the application of new technologies. Behind the laconic facades latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances hide. No matter what style of interior designers create, but comfort to the absolute value remains unchanged. Interior Designers Dubai masterfully arranged the space using the correct geometric shape.

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