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Kitchen Interior Design in the UAE

Kitchen design is inextricably linked with the overall design concept of the villa interior in Abu Dhabi. Authors of the project elegantly repeated motifs of luxury living room and hallway in the interior of the kitchen and dining room. The whole villa design in Abu Dhabi is in the style of modern classics with light accents of art deco. The highlight of each author's project of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is carved floors made of natural marble with designer patterns. These luxurious decor motifs starting in the hall interior and continue in the kitchen interior, which is combined with a dining area. Interior designers in Dubai harmoniously continued and gorgeous decor accents in the ceilings. With floors and ceilings decor authors of the project zoned space, clearly delineated area of ​​the dining room and kitchen. Niche on the ceiling with graceful contours, as befits a modern interior, is complemented with lines of LED backlight. This lighting and chandeliers enhance the expressiveness of the interior and complement the luxurious mood. In the spacious apartment large enough kitchen set is placed. Behind white facade with carved decoration the most modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances are hidden. Countertops of noble marble look practical and respectable. The kitchen combines comfort and functionality.

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