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Respectable Kitchen Interior

Interior designers Dubai have developed luxury architectural kitchen design in classical style. This magnificent interior is nice to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and spending time with friends and family for a dinner. This versatility of the interior is based on the fact that here harmoniously dining room and kitchen area are combined. Lush and festive atmosphere is the characteristic of this beautiful apartment. Here everything speaks about respectability of the house, and that it always welcomes guests. Apartment Design in Abu Dhabi is filled with lush décor, each of which is part of the overall picture of luxurious interior. Traditionally, interior designers Dubai zoned interior space via a ceiling decor. Elegant chandeliers with lots of hangers determine the center of each of the zones. Around the perimeter of the ceiling lighting is provided with point crystal lamps. Luxury furniture is inlaid with handmade carved decor, which is covered with gold leaf. The interior looks very comfortable thanks to sumptuous noble silk curtains in warm tones. The window in the kitchen area is decorated with more Roman shades of white silk. Kitchen interior design corresponds to the finery of the rest of the apartment. Apartment Interior design in Dubai has become one of the best examples of how luxurious and unique a modern classic can be.

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