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Kitchen Design Art Deco

Elegance and sophistication of the owner of the apartment in Dubai are reflected in this beautiful apartment design in a modern style. Interior Designers Dubai caught the subtle mood of lightness and grace, and filled the rooms with luxury. Kitchen design fully reflects this conceptual direction. Luxury elegant character perfectly emphasizes the taste of the great owner. Apartment design in Dubai confirms that with the help of new technologies and new ways of lighting the most daring design ideas can be implemented. The interior was very luxurious and expressive. A striking element of the decor was a large round column with decorative plaster with marble texture. It is perfectly in harmony with noble marble floors of light shade. The lightness and freshness of the interior is based on a range of light shades. The snow-white surface of the ceiling is decorated with lace patterns of swirls and lines complemented by soft lighting. Interior designers Dubai replaced a traditional chandelier with LED backlight, which further surrounds the column in the area of ​​the ceiling, and ceiling lights that are placed around the perimeter. The highlight of the interior was the dining area. High soft chairs decorated with lace elements of polished metal. Kitchen interior design is complemented by charming details in the form of mirror panels and elegant accessories.

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