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Many years in the fashion of interior design such a moment as open space. Interior designers and their customers in this way tend to express the openness of the character, a kind of blurring of the boundaries in the sense of the volume of space. Practically in all styles today, the living room is combined with a dining area, and sometimes with a kitchen. Thus, interior designers used this in the apartment project. Here, the cozy living room flows smoothly into the kitchen and dining area. The ideal was the decision to use a light palette of shades in kitchen furniture. Thus, furniture has become visually one of the walls and does not load space, but only fills it with comfort and functionality. In such projects, special attention is paid to modern kitchen appliances. Modern ventilation and filters help to keep the living room from food odor and at the same time, such ventilation is practically noiseless. Inside the lockers, in any project, we provide the newest storage systems that elevate comfort to an absolute level. To place accents in the interior, designers use the game of contrasts. So curtains made of natural silk shade of milk chocolate perfectly contrast with light furniture. The elegant kitchen table is surrounded by elegant soft chairs with a noble bearing are upholstered in one-tone textiles of a creamy shade. The interior is decorated with a beautiful carved pattern on the marble floor. Visually delineated the living room and kitchen cute columns with original decoration.

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