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Luxury Kitchen & Dining

Luxury interior design from studio Luxury Antonovich Design meets the highest international standards. It's a subtle interweaving of tradition, innovation and ingenious designs, evident in every project of the design studio in Dubai. Today fashionable is absolute comfort and luxury with a bright character. And this villa project in Dubai corresponds to the fashion trends. Such projects themselves become the basis for future design. Kitchen Design has become a part of the space of the first floor in the luxury villa on the beach. Each square meter sets a romantic mood and a wonderful feeling of perpetual celebration of life. On the ground floor there are a living room with a seating area by the fireplace, a large dining room, and an exquisite kitchen. The interior has got purity of lines and shapes, perfect proportions and a perfect blend of colors. The kitchen area is separated from the other space with graceful marble columns and charming curtains. The kitchen interior itself is light and grace. Behind white facades with carved decor the most modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances are hidden. However, it's carefully veiled and it doesn't load the interior.

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