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Classical kitchen with sitting area


What makes a kitchen luxurious? Explore luxury kitchen design options and get ready to create a world-class kitchen in your own home. To produce magazine-worthy kitchens, luxury kitchen designs typically mix the highest-quality materials, cutting-edge technologies, and top-of-the-line appliances (and, like it or not, a big amount of budget). If budget isnt your second, third, or even tenth priority when it comes to a kitchen remodel or new kitchen installation, youll want to look into the wide range of luxury kitchen options available. In terms of appliances, accessories, and cooking and cleaning implements, the sky is the limit in many luxury kitchens. Double-door refrigerators, double and triple sinks, ranges with row after row of burners, and high-tech, fast-cooking ovens are all popular features. While there is no one style that is more commonly associated with luxury kitchens than another, several appear to naturally lend themselves to this approach. Traditional, contemporary and modern style kitchens are widespread in luxury houses, yet if your budget will support a luxury kitchen design, no ones going to stop you from building one in a rustic, rural, or farmhouse style.


The materials used in luxury kitchens are often high-end, long-lasting, and appealing. Countertops and backsplashes are frequently granite, and bespoke tile work in the mosaic, subway or other forms may be used to provide aesthetic appeal. Luxury kitchen cabinets are frequently custom-made from premium woods such as cherry or ebony. They usually have high-quality, long-lasting hardware and professional interior construction. Traditional cabinet doors may have finely carved faces or molding, whereas modern and contemporary types may be sleek and unadorned — frequently with a no-hardware opening — but will have the same robust construction and professional craftsmanship as traditional cabinet doors. The luxurious kitchen has two islands, one for eating and the other for food preparation, as well as plenty of storage. The luxury factor is further increased by supersizing your island, which provides a greater workspace and a feeling of drama. A personalized range hood, rather than a typical stainless one, not only provides a unique touch, but can also be perfectly coordinated with your hardware, lighting, and other design elements for a seamless look. Gorgeous designer or imported light fixtures, especially when mounted in multiples, offer visual impact to your kitchen. Keeping clutter hidden and your surfaces clean means youll have plenty of room to keep things while still prioritizing aesthetics.


Touchless faucets, charging stations, smart refrigerators, and built-in iPad and television screens make the kitchen more efficient and connected. In our organization-obsessed society, custom space for everything from paper towel rolls to spices and cleaning supplies is the ultimate luxury. A built-in deep fryer, wine or beverage refrigerator, multiple freezer drawers, an espresso station, and a brick oven are all examples of methods to customize your kitchen to your specific needs and set it apart from your neighbors. Custom cabinetry that hides refrigerators and small appliances out of sight continues to be a method to give a high-end kitchen a streamlined appearance. Turning an ordinary kitchen into a luxury one requires a lot of glitz and glam. Gold and metallic touches on range hoods and light fittings. A kitchen with double islands, double sinks, and double ovens is designed for maximum efficiency and luxury. Its like having an original piece of art in your kitchen when you can make a one-of-a-kind backsplash out of tile or a block of marble. Whether painted or graced with custom millwork, a striking ceiling is another way to show you have the discretionary funds to not overlook any design element. At the service of keeping filth and clutter at bay and making sure tiny appliances are put away, the enormous storage in a butlers pantry makes it a must-have.

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