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Smart family kitchen interior


If you are prone to simplicity in design, then you should pay attention to this beautiful kitchen. This amazing kitchen is premium class. If you are looking for a compact, super-elegant white kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design, which has practicality and functionality, then you should seriously consider this option.

Striking harmony, amazing simplicity, exquisite design, not annoying the eye with useless details. White is the predominant color in this kitchen. Admit it honestly, it looks amazing when everything around you shines with purity. Well thought out, ideally created on high-precision production by Luxury Antonovich Design radiates endless beauty. If you are looking for a kitchen without compromise, it is exactly what suits you.


The choice in favor of minimalism is a kind of choice of a certain austerity, therefore minimalism is not just design — it is a philosophy. Such an interior will emphasize that the owners of the house are completely independent of all amenities and modern luxury. An updated minimalist style white kitchen will be a great solution to increasing your favorite place in the house and creating the perfect order.

The minimalism style in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is:

— A lot of air, light and competent zoning of space;

— Laconic and functional furniture in the same style;

— A minimum of decor, colors and textures;

— Clean forms and clear lines;

— Built-in appliances.

The thought-out simplicity of kitchen by Luxury Antonovich Design is perfect for the design of a small or narrow kitchen, for a combined kitchen-living room and a modern studio apartment. In spacious united spaces, minimalism can reveal its full potential, and in a small kitchen this style can visually increase it better than others.

Minimalism in both decoration and furniture implies a combination of modern materials (plastic, metal, glass) with natural materials — wood, stone, and ceramics. Ideally, the whole decoration should be simple, but immaculate in quality and, of course, without decor and fancy decorations. Kitchens in the style of minimalism from Luxury Antonovich Design can be slightly revitalized with the help of a minimal set of decorative objects: an unusual vase, an original chandelier or a sconce, a stylish fruit stand.

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