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Amazing Dining Interior Design


Along with fashion for adjoining rooms and combining living space, the dining room plays an increasingly important role. Today it serves not only for a quick meal. This is the center of home life, attracting the attention of guests. How to arrange a dining room? We present to your attention an interesting design of a dining room that will surely please you.

Luxury Antonovich Design designers recommend placing the dining room next to the kitchen or connect it with a passage or window. In the project of this dining room, the room is used for dinners, so the main role in it is played by the dining group (table with chairs). Depending on the layout of the entire apartment or house, there may be storage places for dishes and textiles in the dining room.

Neutral tones accentuated with colored decorative elements were chosen as the main ones for the interior of this dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design. The stylistic solution is close to eclectic, our project authors used color and textured contrasts to achieve the expressiveness of the interior.


The dining area is underlined by a group of designer chandeliers-suspensions with unusual-shaped crystal elements. They look creative and airy, contrasting their forms with the rest of the interior. The light severity of furniture geometry is softened by the fragility of these designer chandeliers. The stylish table in the form of a rectangle of light wood echoes in color with the shades of the window decor in the form of satin curtains of a soft cocoa shade and marble floor fit-out. Properly chosen curtains are not just as decoration for the window. They create an atmosphere of security, comfort, give the room a complete look, emphasize its beauty. The choice of fabric for curtains also matters. Heavy types of fabrics will give the interior a rich and sophisticated look, various light, translucent and transparent — will make it visually light, airy.

Dining group is complement by the modern chairs with a nice upholstered velour with gold legs, creating a composition with a table. Through the use of a balanced warm palette with moderate color accents, as well as materials from exotic wood with a picturesque, rich texture, Luxury Antonovich Design designers have created a comfortable space for family life.

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