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Comfortable dining room interior


Whether it is a big house or apartment, or a small country cottage or a castle, — dining room holds an honorable position in interior design. As a separate room, it was projected and designed exclusively for a mealtime, and served as an attribute of aristocratic mansion hundreds and hundreds years ago. The optimal zoning and location close to the living room makes the whole space look comfortable and rational. Dining room is one of the most important rooms in a house, as it is the place where the owner of the hose entertain his guests and visitors, celebrate holidays and gather with all the family while dining. In a process of decoration and creating a beautiful interior design of this dining room we created a cozy atmosphere for home cheery feasts.

The color scheme of the interior and the choice of furniture were perfectly combined by Luxury Antonovich Design. Our professionals picked up the correct room style that fully matches the individual taste of the owner. Amazing pastel colors that are presented in shades of beige, light brown with a mix of golden elements in decorative items, soft and exquisite pieces of furniture, marble floor and ornaments, marvelous chrystal chandelier — all this is what we call fabolous interior design. One of our novelty — is a soft padding dining table parts and bar back.


Bar counter is an interesting and stylish attribute for any kitchen or dining room. With its help, you can visually mark the border where the one zone of the house flows into another. The other benefit of a bar back in this project by Luxury Antonovich Design — is its multifunctional purpose. It can serve as a bar corner, a dining table, a place for buffet and parties. The other big advantage of the bar back — it can be read in any style and interior design. It all depends on your preferences and taste. In addition to the bar itself, bar stools play an important role in interior design of the dining room. With the help of the bar stools we made small decorative accents in this project interior. The bar counter requires an additional source of light above it. That is why we decided to use beautiful small chrystal chandeliers that perfectly matches the whole picture of the room and help to define the lines and boundaries of the bar area.

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