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The style of traditional and modern classics, which we really like in Luxury Antonovich Design allows us to turn the most ordinary living room into a refined combination of a lounge, a dining room and a room for meetings. The space in such a beautiful house design of this architectural project is functional and elegant in thoughtful details. Classic London style in the interior of the living room project is designed in a contrasting range of two colors based on a combination of beige and brown — one of the most universal variations and used in this modern interior architecture. The living room as a dining room is a place made to relax and receive guests.

Choosing the style of modern and traditional classic it was important for Luxury Antonovich Design Company to use the latest design techniques and dilute the interior with elements of other styles to fill the room with coziness and warmth. In creation this modern dining room London design our team of designers has used the combination of natural materials (wood, marble, natural textiles) with some glass and ceramics, introducing the eco-element into the modern house interior design.


Modern classicism combines the best qualities borrowed from its historical ancestors. In this beautiful house design by Luxury Antonovich Design you can see:

— the magnificence of the renaissance;

— monumentality of the empire;

— strict and restrained notes of classicism;

— modern elements of furniture and decor;

— details of decorating the palace style;

— luxury English classics.

The dining room, which also serves as a living room is professionally divided into zones by illuminating one part of the room and darkening the other. Furniture plays a big role in lighting. For example, we placed the TV where the lamp can not shine on it.

For underlining the taste of the owner we used the pastel tones in the decoration of furniture, and in the design of the walls. A classic-style diningng room with two windows will always be filled with light and warmth. The decor in this house design project London plays an important role in creating a cozy relaxed atmosphere in the living room. Marvelous curtains of exquisite textile, light tulle, fabulous crystal chandelier and candles in the interior — all this add the touch of refinement and demonstrate the elegant taste.

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