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Dinning Room Design Nigeria


The color design of the dining room affects not only the mood, but also an appetite of a person. This color scheme of the dining room design Nigeria helped us to correct the deficiencies of the room and support the style of the beautiful interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design. Using the brown color and its shades in the interior of the home our company provides yourself with reliability, stability and dedication. This is exactly what the brown color and its tones symbolize. Nowadays brown can be called a leader in the design of dining space. Chocolate or coffee shades help give any dining area more elegance and warmth.

Dining room in brown in this beautiful house design Nigeria looks really attractive. The cappuccino walls and the brown color of the tree creates an atmosphere of respectability and good appetite. Here you will always be cozy and comfortable. Brown color in the interior of this incredibly stylish dining room design goes well with other warm shades. In such a room it is totally pleasant to gather with friends and family.


In this beautiful architectural house design project of the dining room Nigeria our team of Luxury Antonovich Design strove to create something original! We have experimented with shades of brown and combinations of other colors in desire to get a calm atmosphere, but add energy and life to it with the help of bright elements. In order to maintain a positive, cheerful mood our designers have used brighter lighting in the table area in a form of two gorgeous crystal chandeliers with candle form lamps, elegant wall sconces, bright curtains with iridescent textures, framed mirrors and live flowers in stunning vases.

The classical style of the dining room design Nigeria is decorated with golden finishing of stucco moldings and other decorative elements of the same style that help to warm the space, fill it with the radiance of the bright rays of the sun. The colorful “carpet” around the table area is laid with the marble tile of amazing pattern. The dark brown furniture of the highest quality materials — precious woods, — looks amazing against the beige walls.

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