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Dinning room interior Nigeria

Glamorous Dining Room

The glamorous dining room is a great strategy to add an entertaining style to this area. In this model above you will see that the color scheme is built with white, a touch of blue and an accent of gold. This is a unique design that is developed by the Luxury Antonovich Design company. This is designed to give a lively and trendy look to this simple yet elegant area. This dining rooms number one impression is elegance. It has a huge dining table that has a fourteen seater capacity –this can cater to a special dinner with family and friends. The wooden storage cabinet is painted with white to complement the room and blend on the background. With the peaceful and comforting aura, this dining room will add value to your dining experience.

Aesthetic Elements

The trend in dining rooms depends on the clients perspective of how they want it to look like. The Luxury Antonovich Design company is able to create one-of-a-kind spaces. Making sure that their clients get what they deserve –the company makes design choices from their clients perspective. It really depends on how the client wants their dining area to look like, it can be glamorous, professional, fun, playful –these spaces have a different impact on how the dining experience would be.

  • Mixed with Metal: The mixture of a metal with the design makes the furnishing look more elegant. The touch of gold to the hardware of the dining area adds a gleaming reflection from the light inside the dining area which makes the room look more illuminated.
  • Marbled floors: The popular flooring is making a come-back, aside from looking so elegant marble floors are easy to maintain. It adds a visual play into the room with its intricate swirled prints that makes a subtle pop of print to the room.
  • Neutral Palette: The neutral palette is not new in dining room designs. It makes the dining experience lighter and cozier. Aesthetically a clean dining space is a reflection of cleanliness which makes the dining experience more enticing. The combination of these colors brings happiness and a cool vibe which is perfect for the warm Nigeria weather.
  • Glamorous: The rich details of white and gold adds a visual play that reflects glamour. The mixed textures of the silk curtain with the upholstered dining seats make the dining room look more customized.

This amazing dining room design is perfected by the Luxury Antonovich Company to give nothing but the best for their clients. In spite of the neutral colors, the designers of the company still made sure to add a beautiful breathtaking gold accent which makes the entire interior look more interesting. A gracious and glamorous dining room will set the mood from breakfast to dinner.

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