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Unique Style for Dinning Room Interior

Dining Room Color

When we say dining rooms, colors are mostly thought to be bright or warm. The most popular is that these warm colors create a nice ambiance for eating. Nowadays these color schemes have evolved and it has been changed through the years. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm has made it different for this dining room design. They have incorporated the decor of this dining room with the color blue and green. It is another popular color in the color wheel and it has a relaxing effect which is cozy and calming to the eyes. Amazing dining rooms are a make or break part of your home. it will only depend on how you style and make the most of your dining space.

Calming and cozy

Blue is such a great palette with different hues. Each shade and Pantone of blue have its own appeal. The shades are ranging from sky blue, turquoise, cobalt, and the famous royal blue. Making sure which of these colors to pick will create a calming and cozy effect to your dining room. The light blue which is also sometimes called sky blue depicts the color of the sky and creates a nice natural blue which is also bright and pleasing to the eyes. It looks crisp and airy while turquoise adds a splash of color to the whole interior.

Dark but dashing

The touch of green adds a deeper variant of color and creates depth for the accent shade. The grey undertone of the green sets the right mood making it look sophisticated and more elegant. The bold marble background with streaks of black also adds a visual play that highlights the unique architectural feature of the room. These elements match each other which makes it a complementary color and design element. This can be an accent color or maybe just a secondary color. The matching gold accents add a luxurious feel completing the dining look with such an elegant accent. Other dark elements are the plants that add an earthy element to the entire dining. Putting up plants makes the air fresher as it is a natural air humidifier.

The ceiling should seal it

The ceiling of this dining area is just off-white. The design of the ceiling is made to create an illusion of a wider and taller ceiling. Thought the space is already big, the ceiling still adds a nice sense of a huge space. It is also a great way to allow the light to illuminate and as the light reflects on the white ceiling it makes a brighter illusion to the light. Its a fresh and airy style which makes the room visually pleasing. Always remember that elegance and design is a coworking element it should complement each other to have a successful dining area.

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