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Dining room design Nairobi

Dining Elegance

This dining room in Nairobi depicts a classical art. It has vintage seats that are classic and still timeless. Whatever your style is your dining room should not be exempted in having an attention that makes an elegant dining experience. This formal dining room set up is perfect for a twenty-four seating capacity. From the nice light blue color to the rustic details, you'll understand why it is important to have a stylish dining room. The pairing of blue and white adds a pop of color that is complementary with each other. The silk curtains are relaxedly draping but it also looks refined and very elegant.  The chairs are paired with the same color that adds accent to the dining area. 

Colors play a role

The color blue adds a calming and soothing color to the dining giving it a classic color the works around with other elements of the design. Giving it a neutral color makes it look more relaxed and balanced. Even the smallest detail is very important. It is strategically arranged with a long table and a side table that is pushed against the wall to be able to get used of this for guests who needs a place to put their things. Giving it a splash of color such as this light blue adds a cool hue to the room making it a relaxing dining room to stay in. play up with the fixtures, furniture, and color to make it complement each other and unify the design. With the color palette, it surely does look warm and inviting. The room will look bigger or smaller depending on the paint and hue that is used. 

Soften the space

The usage of the silk curtains adds a soft and luxurious tone to the Dining room in Nairobi. The dainty sculpted chars make an elegant impact to the dining room. This is a traditional dining room, especially for big functions. The closed dining room also adds a mood of being intimate and making the dining room look calmer and reserved. The windows also add a softer touch which allows natural lighting to make the room look more majestic. The textures within the furniture create a solid coordinated interior. With the natural surroundings that are reflected in the home, you will sure have inspiration from. This is a grand scale dining room is all that you need to be able to cater all your visitors. 


Add cabinets to make sure that you have all your dining essentials handy and easy to reach. The finishes used in this is the long table which is perfect for meetings. These finishings adds appeal to the dining area making it one of the best spaces in Nairobi. It has a proper balance of layout with the traditional and also the classical dining room. IT is made and designed to last long to ensure that the dining room. The accents with patterns also add a dramatic detail which is a nice subdued element. It's a nice formal dining room which is perfect for a family gathering and other functions. 

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