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Majlis Interior Design in Saudy Arabia

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majlis design from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is the embodiment of hospitality and wonderful cultural traditions. Interior designer exquisitely embeds the modern classics in the oriental style. majlis interior design is always unique solutions. It's interiors, which are the pride of the house owners. Each Arabic majlis design has its own characteristics. In this project, we have proposed several unique decor solutions. Due to the fact that the area of the room is relatively small, the designers were challenged to visually expand the space. One of the best and proven ways to expand the space for centuries is the use of mirrors in an interiorIn this contemporary majlis, we proposed two large mirrored panels, which are disposed opposite each other. Panels occupy almost the entire area of the wall. To decorate the mirror, elements in the form of patterns gilded metal used. To enhance the wonderful visual effect, each mirror framed by strip illuminated through forged pattern. And to complement the artistic expressiveness of the interior and his noble status, this beautiful image framed by the frame made of wood valuable species. Wall Decor resonates with furniture. And upholstered furniture in perfect harmony with the design of windows and light-colored marble on the floor.

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