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Luxurious interiors create by studio designers Luxury Antonovich Design is an infinite number of beautiful images.Each interior is individual, as is its owner. And, you should agree, it is the interior of the living room that opens the most important moments that the owner of the house wants to convey to his guests. In this living room wonderfully and harmoniously intertwined modern classic, oriental style, and art deco.Such bold and bright solutions are able to realize only the true virtuosos of their craft. And these virtuosos work in the Antonovich Design studio. Let's take a closer look at this marvelous interior of the living room.A fairly large room with a lot of windows tells about the openness of the character of the owner of the house. This interior is most consistent with truly oriental hospitality. In the cultural traditions of the East - the guest is a sacred and long-awaited event in the house.Owners of the house in the east treat guests only best way.That is why the interiors of the living rooms become the main jewel of the house, which symbolizes the cordiality and hospitality of its owners.If we talk about the interior decor of such living room, noble materials such as marble, silk, gilding, brass, crystal, mirrors and paintings of artists are majestically and worthily combined.Each guest will be with delight to behold gorgeous ceiling, which is decorated with a huge decorative flower with backlight and crystal chandelier in the center. To harmonize the composition of the interior, the carved pattern on the marble floor is located in the center under this chandelier.A lot of sofas are placed on the floor around the perimeter of the room, along with beautiful coffee tables on carved legs.

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