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Guest majlis in villa


Majlis is a sacred place in many Arabian countries and may describe the Arabic culture. It has a meaning as “place of sitting”, and describes the various kinds and types of a special place (like sitting room or leaving room, event hall), where social, political or religious groups of people gather together, discuss current events and topical issues and have informal chats with each other, the place where Arabs welcome their guests. It may also be the meeting room, which is used to entertain the visitors of the house. The look and way of design must show the Arabic hospitality as well as ancient traditions. One of the fundamental characteristics in Majlis design is the ambiance of it and the presence of welcoming atmosphere.
The interior design of such rooms implies the high class and elegant style. The main purpose of this room is to provide the easiness in communication between people. That is why Luxury Antonovich Design designed this amazing guest majlis in villa with touch of coziness and comfort.


As it was said earlier, according to Arabic rules, majlis is the most elegant room in the house. Hospitality is above every other circumstances. This amazing guest majlis has the incredible geometric design elements on walls and ceiling decoration, bright colors and gilded decorative details. The quality of all the materials and the way we have combined them have a big role in the whole interior picture. Luxurious and very elegant set of sofas in a blue pearl shade invites guests to sit comfortably and feel themselves like at home. Small coffee tables for drinks create a welcoming atmosphere and dispose people for rest. Fine decorative details — gold-colored items, jeweled inserts, carved gilded moldings create the luxurious look of the room.
Our team of Luxury Antonovich Design payed much attention ceiling decor and illumination. We decided to choose two perfect variants of lighting. The central place of the room is devoted for massive amazing crystal chandelier with gilded elements and installed LED strips and spotlights all over the majlis perimeter to create more modern way of the room appearance. The touch of freshness is brought by lovely flowers in beautiful vases and large pot flowers in corners of the place.
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