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Luxury Antonovich Design is consisting of professional and skilled Team that will be able to provide exactly what every Client is requiring. With the world class techniques, every designer will be able to acknowledge all the points and requirement of the client and all the specific details and information to complete the entire project successfully. One of the exciting part of the house to decorate is the Majlis area, wherein the designers will come up with creative ideas on how it will become the most comfortable and welcoming area for every family member as well as every guest and visitors. The Majlis area is completely an Arabic inspired part of the house. The Majlis area can also be designed for other public places such as hotels, big Villas and palaces. Our Creative Design Team has been upgraded their knowledge and Ideas in developing a Majlis Design. Luxury Antonovich Design can be able to provide different styles and concept such as modern or classic but still keeping up with the original Arabic inspired to set up. Our Designers managed to make every Majlis Design a very Comfortable and cosy area like this I the place where the family and visitors used to have long talks and bonding. Every Successful Majlis Design has been always beginning with a very systematic and organize planning of the layouts. Through it, everything will follow in a very effective and well-accomplished result.

A Classic Majlis Design with full of Elegance

Luxurious Classic Majlis Design Indeed! That would be the phrase that will be coming up in everyone’s mind once to see and enter this wonderful Design. As per the Project owner required, Our Design Team has been completely managed to create a very classical Majlis Design using different premium materials and most of the furniture’s that have been installed is fully customized. The Elegant choice of neutral colours matching with a creative gold linings results in a superb Interior Design. We have created very special and unique gold carvings on the ceiling matching with a very stylish Crystal chandelier. The fabrics that have been used for the curtains is extremely made up from Premium class as well as the on the pillowcases. A grandeur sofa set matching with every centre tables made the full area completely Sophisticated. From the wall schemes, we can see a very unique and details style and decorations by putting up some decorative glass pieces and Avery detailed gold linings and carvings. This Majlis design was indeed another work of art that something to be proud of as we Luxury Antonovich design Team has been accomplished it successfully and achieving the most satisfied compliments from the project owner.

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