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Arabic majlis - Luxurious Arabian style majlis

Luxurious Arabian style majlis interior design

The most luxurious and elegant majlis design is being found at Arabian houses, huge villas, VIP homes, public areas in most Arab countries, government establishments, and offices. Arabian style majlis has very wide areas that are surrounded by Arabic style decorations and furniture details. Artistic carpets design has been part of every Arabic home traditional design that is why most of the Arabic majlis interiors usually have a huge set of carpet designs. Every prestigious design of flooring and carpet is being matched with every luxurious furniture design and decorations. Since that Arabic style is almost likely a classic style with very detailed art and style, most of the Arabic majlis interior design is also classifies as classic or royal style interior design. There will be great forms of style and decorations towards every wall as well as a huge set up of windows that will be covered by the finest fabrics of curtains. For the most stunning interior setting of the Arabic majlis, there will be the most glamorous set up of ceiling arrangement that has a perfect alignment of lighting and most especially the design of the elegant chandelier.

The best provider of luxury design services for majlis interior design

Most of the Arabic majlis design has very meticulous requirements especially when it comes to uniqueness and sophistication, extra-luxurious set of furniture design as well as customized furniture and decorations. That is why it is very important to select the best interior design team that provides the full services and development towards every interior design procedures. Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the provider of the luxurious interior design set up and developments. It has its own furniture showroom that has its own factory and manufacturing that creates high-quality furniture and full desecrations as well as customized furniture design that will be suitable for every Arabic majlis interior design. This amazing Arabic majlis interior is one of the greatest majlis designs that have been developed by the team as it embodies a perfect form of elegance and sophistication in the full set. This Arabic majlis interior design also has a customized chandelier and lighting arrangement using an extra huge size of full crystal chandelier with a perfect accent of metallic gold on its base. It also has an extra-sized carpet design with a 3D effect in artistic carves and lining with a purple center base. Take a look at every detailed art and linings towards the gypsum walls and balustrade and realize how amazing and elegance the full majlis interior design has been perfectly enhanced with those details. The perfect touch of gold accent has been filled an exact elegance and glam that requires achieving over the full interior setting. Decorating an Arabic majlis interior design was indeed such a challenging task, however, only a professional and talented interior design team has the full ability to perform the perfect glam and style that will exceed every clients requirements.

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