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Majlis decoration ideas

Many lovers of books and reading in a cozy environment will agree that a large home library is a dream. For one of the mansions in Europe, the design studio has developed an interior design, including the interior design of the library. For this room was allocated a large area, which is almost equal to the area of the living room in this house. The noble classical style in this room has acquired its own special character, with a touch of romance and warmth of home comfort. The interior fascinates with its beauty and attracts the eye. A large panoramic window reveals a view of the beautiful landscape design of the garden. The window was decorated with velvet curtains of a muted shade of burgundy. A wave of soft lambrequin is supplemented with golden fringe. In the decor of the walls near the window opening, interior designers offered elite silk wallpaper with elaborate damask ornaments. They are complemented by pilasters made of natural wood with carved capitals and gilding. Artistic parquet on the floor of several valuable species of wood, as well as a natural carpet wonderfully contribute to creating a mood of the warmth of home comfort. In general, a natural dark-colored wood plays the main role in the beauty of the home library interior. Almost all the walls along the perimeter are filled with cabinets with open shelves. Upholstered furniture in the upholstery of brown leather exquisitely continues the color of furniture. To make the interior brighter and more interesting, for the decor of the ceiling, interior designers offered snow-white shades and many elements of stucco decoration.

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