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In Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing every luxurious majlis interior design in the highest standard of design implementations that is being performed from a systematic space development. Performing accurate space planning and development will always lead to the most amazing interior design arrangement, especially for every majlis interiors. In this elegant majlis interior design, every furniture design has been very well selected in the most meticulous procedures. The expert design has performed the most amazing procedures from selecting every decoration as well as the entire interior design materials. Having a modern- luxury interior design concept is what makes this amazing majlis interior into the most elegant setting. As the full design team has been considered each and a very design detail that resulted in the most pleasant and functional design. Developing every majlis interior design should always consider the coziness and relaxing atmosphere towards the full area as it will represent the owner’s lifestyle and status. That is why most of the majlis interior designs used to be decorated the most elegant and stylish.


The Luxury Antonovich Design team has been selected as the most prestigious chandelier design that gives an elegant lighting effect and the right blend of brightness. The amazing gypsum and ceiling design that matches very well to the walls and selected water jet design has been very well designed and gives a completely luxurious impact as a whole. This amazing majlis interior design was indeed such another great design implemented by the Luxury Antonovich Design team. This amazing majlis interior design has been very well designed with the coziest and relaxing atmosphere. The design team has indeed selected the finest texture and hues with the greatest combination of luxury furniture design. This majlis interior has a very spacious and pleasant mood that creates a very relaxing and calmness. Every furniture design has been meticulously selected having the highest quality of materials and perfect form of finishing. The full decorations and accessories indeed complement every design detail of the full interior design set up which has been resulted in a very pleasing mood.


Most of the residential villas in Qatar have the most magnificent setting for the majlis area. What more if we are talking about a majlis design for a palace? There are very few people who are being allowed to enter the premises of the palace most especially in a prime city of one of the richest countries of the world – Dubai. The majlis is where the family is used to entertain their guests, visitors, and friends. It represents the main receiving area in every house which is commonly being used by Arabic families. With their conservative culture, Majlis is also usually decided into two as women’s majlis and mens majlis area. In this article, let us get to know how architecture and interior design company is able to develop such a prestigious interior design setting for such amazing villas and palaces in Dubai. As the Luxury Antonovich Design has shared one of the recent projects that the team has been developed in the country.

Scope: Majlis Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Architecture/ Interior Style: Luxury Modern

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