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Deluxe majlis design

Excellent game of contrasts and very bright character of the room planner fully reflects the perception of life by owners of the design your room. Luxury room interior design epitomizes notes of passion, elegance, and bright holiday. Sets the tone of such amazing and beautiful space, the original wall decor. Interior designers have offered a contrasting combination of colors. Boiserie filled with matt decorative plaster of saturated purple hue. A rich, and luxurious look gives a multilayer decision to the boiserie edging decoration design a room. Here there is the strip of mirror panels with delicate golden ornaments, stucco, and soft LED lighting.In this saturated and luxurious background, art paintings in carved frames look great, and large lamps in classical style in the form of candlesticks. Separately we want to draw your attention to the luxurious curtains. The big window decorated with gorgeous Italian drapes and curtains.Curtains embroidered with monograms ornaments by hand Italian craftsmen.For elite interiors studio room design, we offer exclusive solutions in every element of the decor. Curtains fabrics perfectly combined with the interior color scheme.Curtain consists of gentle blue and pale terracotta silk with printed patterns. This is in harmony with both the decor of the walls and upholstered furniture. The real jewel of luxury that has become the main decoration of the room interior was a beautiful furniture. Armchairs and sofas upholstered in brocade with golden patterns.Elements of furniture of precious wood inlaid with carved patterns and covered with gold leaf. Rest, in such a beautiful room design, becomes filled with beautiful emotions and cozy mood.

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