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Majlis Saudi Arabia

Arabic Majlis Interior Design from the world famous architectural design company Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of such important accents as individuality, style and integral image. Majlis Saudi Arabia inspires and delights. The perfect geometry of a space and a harmonious combination of textures, materials and decorative elements hold of fascination of others. The purple note in the Majlis interior gives the room a special charm and superiority. The artfully arranged elements and accents enliven the entire interior, forcing it to play with the new colors. Cushions are the highlights of such life environment. Their special look creates a home-relaxed atmosphere. You can bring the color accents in the house with the cushions and also the harmonious atmosphere, it is known, influences over the mood and general well-being of individual. A careful selection of materials, bright range of colors, good lighting ... Majlis Saudi Arabia admires by the magnificent stucco on the wall. The stucco molding evokes the sensation of solemnity and celebration, talks about the prosperity of homeowners, their impeccable taste. Arabic Majlis Interior Design, which is created by the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design, embodies a special charm and provides a harmonious perception of the interior as a whole. The lacy and effective mirrors attract attention and create dynamics. The volume and massive pattern emphasizes successfully the wealth and status of your interior. Majlis Saudi Arabia, it's a superb art from world-class design studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

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