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Blue is a natural color, and when combined with gold, it creates a stunning custom color that works beautifully in any luxury majlis. This elegant Riyadh for a modern luxury majlis includes all of the features of elegant decor. The lavish curtains in the lovely majlis are one-of-a-kind. The chair is gold in color, while the fabric is blue in appearance. The gorgeous walls in the modern luxury majlis Riyadh add to the rooms elegance. There is a large decor in the room where you may do your daily relaxation. The magnificent furnishings are scattered throughout the modern luxury majlis Riyadh. Luxury Antonovich Designs use of high-quality materials in this modern luxury majlis Riyadh is stunning. Elegant blue accent fabric, lovely natural color scheme, and open floor plan. This modern luxury majlis Riyadh is a dream come true! Do you desire a majlis design? Do you want a room with a lot of stuff, or do you want a room with a lot of stuff? Choosing a theme is a personal decision, and selecting the appropriate luxury furniture is crucial. You can see how the chairs complement one other in this picture. The Riyadh is elegant due to its wonderful design. If you truly desire a luxurious modern majlis Riyadh, you must consider your majliss layout.


It is critical to have a single theme in your room that is comparable to this opulent majlis for your luxury modern majlis Riyadh. A crowded majlis isnt appealing to the eye. Its critical to stick to a single theme. With its remarkable and superb majlis constructions, Luxury Antonovich Design delivers amazing craftmanship to luxury living in Riyadh. Riyadh is the ideal place to live in luxury and splendor. Its a wealthy neighborhood, and your opulent residence deserves nothing but the best the magnificent luxury interior features composed of blue and gold — a beautiful interior color combination — can be seen from the ceiling. Clean drapes hang on one side, the floor is basic to complement the walls, and the colors are well-matched. Three complementary colors can be found in this exquisite majlis Riyadh: blue, brown, and gold. We decorate the inside of your premium majlis to match the rest of your luxury style. Beautiful design, cool color scheme, and high-end furnishings! You will notice the high ceiling in the luxury majlis Riyadh, which gives the room a large feel. On top of its rich furniture designs, this modern and luxurious Riyadh features a wonderful layout.


The luxurious majlis Riyadh style has a distinct appearance. In this grand luxury majlis Riyadh, the chair and table play a lovely role. It has a stunning gold and lights brown color scheme that runs throughout the luxury majlis Riyadh. Every affluent individual desire a smart modern luxury majlis Riyadh. Overall, if you desire a blend of stylish and exquisite Riyadh, this luxury majlis Riyadh is a breath of fresh air. You can see how Luxury Antonovich Design made sure that style and luxury were combined in this stunning majlis design. With a luxury majlis Riyadh like this, you can never go wrong! The gorgeous brown color of this luxury majlis Riyadh adds to the calming ambiance of this beautiful bespoke majlis. With Luxury Antonovich Designs flair, you can never go wrong. This luxurious Riyadh includes more than simply elegant objects to create your luxury majlis Riyadh. The layout of your room should be the main concern if you want to have a unique luxury interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has spent a lot of effort on the finest details to make this luxury interior design the greatest. Every last detail is a work of art. In upscale interior design and decor, only the best materials are employed. It gives the majlis a posh atmosphere.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Plot Size: 4,500 sq. M

Built-up Area: 3,340 sq. M

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