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Modern Majlis Design

Modern style interior majlis of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio combines unique design solutions, oriental flavor, and modern technologies. Each project the majlis becomes the new masterpiece of design art. In such an interior are welcoming guests. Guests is always sincerely admiring its beauty. majlis interior design has become a harmonious continuation of the villa project design in Abu Dhabi. The interior excellent underlines the features of the architectural plan of the building. Modern Arabic majlis is located on the first floor of the building next to the outdoor terrace. Interior designers Abu Dhabi focused on upholstered furniture to enhance the mood of cordiality and hospitality. Soft sofas occupy the entire length of the wall. And in each work of design studio in Abu Dhabi, there are highlights and their unique ideas. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich improvises with the patterns. Carved decor with backlight decorated the walls. Such ornaments have decorated the base of the sofas. And the designer continues delicate motifs in the decoration of the ceiling. Beautiful lace plays chiaroscuro, filling the interior with the romantic mood. Also, coffee tables are based on the charming carved curls with a bronze tint. Cozy mood modern majlis enhances window decoration. Classic curtains beautifully blend with blinds. The geometric pattern on the marble floor became a very creative idea that complements the interior with unique charm.

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