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Everyone is dreaming of going home to their own house. Choosing a company to help you design your dream house is the first step to achieve your dream. Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure that they meet all the standard requirements, from the layout to the materials and features. Luxury Antonovich Design has successfully worked with designing different houses in the middle east and also abroad. They have been offering the best design solutions to their clients big or small. Their design essential is not limited to one style but they make sure that each element is functional and ecological. They do not only build durable houses but they also make sure that the interior is stylish and it complements the exterior as well.


Decorating is a part of building a home. It is where you add all the elements that make your house look furnished and polished. The decision on how you will add different elements to your home can sometimes be frustrating, that is why our team at Luxury Antonovich Design will make sure to assist you in every step of the way.

  • Investing in essentials: Decorating is important to spend your time and money on. Investing in your essentials such as sofa, dining tables, and other interior fixture plays a crucial part of your home decor.
  • Lighting: Light fixtures create a big impact in your home design. This will add the mood into your home which also creates a dramatic effect thats why it is best to hire professionals to make sure that your lighting is placed correctly.
  • Furniture: Timeless furniture is a must in a home. This will create a beautiful effect in your home that will last a lifetime.
  • Color scheme: The first step to achieving a beautiful home that reflects a warm and lively ambiance is the color scheme. The color adds a homey effect that makes your home decor cozy and comfortable. Look at the model design above and you will see the Pantone color used. The pastel green together with gray, white, and gold creates a modern look to the room.
  • Texture: Investing in a variety of materials will add an interesting effect on your home decor. The different textures will add a playful effect that also gives you a more artistic and creative looking space.
  • Curtain: The curtain adds a special definition to the height of your interior. It adds a silhouette that makes your home look huge and taller.
  • Adding metallics: Metallic accents like the one you see in the images above add a classy and elegant touch to any space. This sparkles your room and it looks chic and sassy at the same time. Our designers aim to make your home look and feel cozy while giving it an accent of bold details such as gold or silver.

Our professionals have a natural eye for designing every space. We know it is difficult to start designing your home alone so we are here to offer you our help in every step of your home designing. We make sure to set your expectations and always turn them into reality. Feel free to send us a message so we can help you in your decorating needs.

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