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Classic Majlis design, Private in Doha


In every detail, the interior décor of this magnificent Doha interior design is sophisticated and stunning. Starting with the majlis room, the luxury royal Doha interior design features soft brown accents on the walls, seats, and decors, and can seat a big number of people. A magnificent accent wall that also acts as an exquisite wall draws attention to the high ceiling. Luxury Antonovich Design, the Best interior design in Qatar, has methodically built up the clients luxury wants with smart furniture designs. A big number of individuals can easily be accommodated in the majlis area. The furniture designs are one-of-a-kind, and the suede upholstery fabric on the sitting pieces is also one-of-a-kind. The Majlis Design house interiors Doha is simply a few steps away from the other rooms. The integrated cabinets and racks complement Dohas lavish royal Modern villa interior design Qatar. Because there is so much space, Luxury Antonovich Design must make the most of it while maintaining the open vibe of the home.


The luxurious majlis room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house since it is convenient and well-equipped. There is a lot of furniture in the Luxury Antonovich Design, and they used the proper materials and details. The high-ceiling overlooking is one of the most appealing features of this luxury house interior design in Doha. As you can see from the images, the arrangement is wonderful. Stunning furniture designs, attractive accents, and high-quality materials were used to complete the overall amazing mood of the luxury house interior design in Doha. Everything was put together to create an elegant and truly magnificent environment. Luxury Antonovich Design looked at two things when finishing this luxury majlis interior design in Doha: establishing the overall aesthetic of the room and determining the major spots for furniture arrangement. The interior decor of the luxury majlis in Doha is European in style, with the same look and feel across the majlis rooms. It was designed in a modern style with practical features and brown colors by Luxury Antonovich Design. The clients were happy with the outcomes once the luxury home interior design Dubai was completed. Theyve turned their drab high-rise into a warm and inviting majlis thats not just stylish but also comfortable and luxurious!


The huge Majlis design, Private in Doha room is only a few steps away from the other area. Fitting the complete luxury interior design of Doha and the majlis has been amazing thanks to the tall, large windows. For a bright, open, and streamlined appearance, the luxury interior design Doha employed white frames and brown drapes. The interior design of the luxury home in Doha was meticulously planned by Luxury Antonovich Design, and much care went into the creation of this work of art. This property, which is situated on a beautiful design, takes in the stunning views of the rich classic interior. This mansion oozes traditional grandeur with its large patterned doors and windows, white walls, and spacious majlis room. The Modern villa interior design in Doha attraction of the property is that it is a lovely luxury majlis in Doha with a sofa and soothing couch. The luxury majlis has a large room filled with high-end furnishings, which is a must-have for high-end homes. From the exquisitely crafted majlis room space to the European-themed décor, dramatic accent lights, and expansive layout and design, the majlis exudes luxury. A beautiful Crystal Chandelier greets you as you enter the majlis room. The opulent residence in Doha has a high ceiling to give it more space and beauty. A luxury majliss interior design was built to provide a lavish environment.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Doha, Qatar

Plot Size: 623 sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style: Classic

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