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Chic majlis interior


Your interior design should be consulted with a professional, our designers at Luxury Antonovich Design will help you in identifying the different characteristics that are needed to build a chic Majlis for your home.

  • Natural Furnishings that are expensive looking such as stone, beautiful and elegant fabrics, marble floors and ornamental details.
  • Space should be well-lighted to make the interior look warm. The choices in furniture in this model design above blend well with the environment to make the room look fresh.
  • It is the perfect space for creativity and artistry. Our professionals will use paintings to decorate the room. It adds a cultural design that reflects the traditions of the region.


Adding certain light details make the room look more expressive and exude with character. It completes the home aesthetics that add beauty and warmth. Our professional designers added a beautiful crystal chandelier to create a reflection to the entire room that makes the room look more inviting. It also creates a focal point in the room so that guests will be amazed once they enter the room. The huge window panels are decorated with beautiful curtains that drape dramatically through the ceiling to floor. There are LED lights pinned around the ceiling to add illumination to the Majlis.


Majlis is a common space that accepts guests on special occasions. This is due to the fact that the purpose is not only to make the room look cozy but is also designed to have a comfortable space that can hold a certain number of guests. There are different furniture and fixtures added in the room. In this design shown above the designer placed chic and elegant pieces that will reflect a classic style. The sofa is placed in all corners of the room to give way to the guests. In each sofa is a tea table since the Majlis is mostly used for coffee or tea parties. The classic style is timeless and it will stay relevant for years and years. Having a Majlis space has always been a huge dream for a lot of people. The freedom in a huge space is perfect for Majlis so that it does not look crowded and it can host huge parties for families. Our amazing designers made the room so that it can be explored with different varieties of design, textures, colors, and materials. This chic design above is the chic style that has a feminine touch to keep the room homey and elegant.

If you are already decided on having a Majlis in your home, feel free to send us a message and well gladly help you achieve the Majlis that you have always wanted.

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