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TOP Luxury Arabic Majlis

The fabulous and excellent Majlis interior design by the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design inspires and pleases the eye. There is individuality in everything – it is the motto of the interior in the Arabic style. The true professionals of global renown of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design that is known in foreign countries will fill the house with harmony, beautiful images, and stunning scenes. Your life will be brighter and will be painted with all shades of colors in such comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The main part of the Arabic Majlis interior design is its individuality and singularity. An easy, natural charm gives a feeling of calm and relaxation. An expensive fashionable furniture is used in the beautiful space, richly decorated with exquisite carvings, fine exclusive fabric. According to Koran, there is no painting and sculpture in Arabic interior. Therefore, the design is dominated by varied and complicated patterns. There are geometrical paintings, which are interwoven with the text. The magic of the ceiling takes your breath away. Everything is thought out to the last detail. The graceful chandeliers, as the integral elements of the decor, catch the rapturous glances of the guests. They invite like to the ball with the originality. The smooth clean lines with exquisite patterns not only increase the space, but also give the room a special highlight. Look at the floor coating. Marble is a completely natural material, so the floor is ecological friendly. The surface of marble tile is smooth and shiny. The marble polishing feature creates special dramatic shades. Due to the beautiful patterns, the floor coating looks more refined and elegant. The final touch to the decoration of Majlis interior design are the curtains. The beautiful elegant curtains give the nobility and charm to the room.

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