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Best majlis interior ideas

The cultural traditions of the East are perfect in their nobility and refinement. Creating interiors in oriental style, we take into account all the nuances that the interiors meet the highest requirements of our valued customers. One of the main rooms in the house is Majlis for men. It is part of a luxurious home for the male part of the family with a special purpose. Interior Designers of the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN studio for one of the luxury villas of the UAE proposed a project of magnificent Majlis for men. Great feeling of maximum comfort literally fills the room. It is pleasant to spend time enjoying your vacation or a pleasant conversation. As befits the oriental interior there are fancy ornaments on the windows and a large Persian rug. Majlis for men interior design fully underlines the high status and respectability of the owner of the house. This project has unique features, thanks to the elegant weaving of oriental colors and European classics. Invariably, the pearl of every project of the studio is floor, carved out of precious marble. Elegant swirls of stone carvings of different types with 2D effect look gracefully with ornaments on the carpet and stained glass windows. In the decor of the walls and ceiling by palette of concise cream shades dominates, which emphasized the elements of stucco with gold leaf. Large windows are decorated with luxurious curtains of precious silk. The luxurious sofas and chairs with silk pillows can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests. The interior gives aesthetic pleasure and lifts spirits. In these apartment you can leisurely contemplate the great things or get the joy of communicating with family and friends. In the east, high credibility of a man is extremely important. And this luxurious Majlis for men interior perfectly emphasizes the high status of the owner of the house, as well as the hospitality, kindness and generosity. The Arabs say "Guest of Allah", so it is good to host guests in a worthy setting, which is a sacred duty of the owner of the house.

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