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Luxury Majlis

Classic style luxury majlis interiors

Most of the Arabian villas have a large area for majlis. As part of the Arabian style culture, the majlis is mostly being divided for men majlis and women’s majlis that can also be found in some of the government establishments and public areas in Arab countries. This luxury majlis interior design which is situated inside an Arabian style home with a classic concept design has been very well decorated with a completely luxurious and elegant style. Entering this amazing majlis interior design is like stepping into a world of glam and elegance. Since that the majlis interior design usually has a very spacious area, It is always an advantage for every interior designer to perform an amazing interior design setting that will complete the full design requirement from the client according to the concept design. This luxury majlis interior design has a classical concept requirement, which is requiring extra expensive compositions of style and every furniture piece required. The interior design team should always make sure to perform the best arrangement of the full interior design to achieve the perfect form of glam at the same time is to avoid design congestion or over decorating the area.

Aside from achieving the perfect form of luxuriousness and glam, Majlis areas shall prioritize achieving the most comfortable and relaxing mood. Visitors, guests, relatives, and family gatherings are usually being held in the majlis areas. That is why it is very important to create the most relaxing atmosphere at the same time has its natural glam and elegance. Selecting the set of sofa/ sitting furniture is another challenging task for the interior design team. For a luxury majlis interior design that has a classic concept design requirement, customized furniture design has become very in demand. Aside from the fact that the luxury majlis interior design requires a larger furniture requirement, every design and detailed decorations are also necessary to sustain the luxuriousness and the classical mood.

Luxury majlis interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design

As the top interior design company in the UAE, Luxury Antonovich design has been very well known in Gulf countries and all over the world with its exceptional work performance when it comes to architecture and interior design most especially for luxury design and classical concept. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Design has become the first choice for every hospitality, commercial, and palaces international in developing every project with full of glam as it always achieves the most successful result and satisfied customers. This luxury majlis interior design in a classical concept is visibly amazing with a complete glam and balance in all areas. Every corner and edges have an art form of glam and elegance that embodies luxuriousness in a classical design concept. The full majlis interior design has the perfect blend of hues, finest textures, and elegant finishing as well as detailed embroideries and classy design. The interior design team has been successfully selected the perfect form of lighting that gives the right blend of brightness towards the full area. There is also an amazing lighting feature towards every wall and lower parts of every furniture that creates the most stunning look.

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