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Rich Majlis Interior ideas

Oriental hospitality - a kind of a fashion trend that has become part of creating luxury interiors worldwide. Owners of luxury real estate aspire to show their hospitality, their great taste and their desire to give to friends and guests the best. The arabic majlis design in oriental style can combine new technology and time-tested tradition. For one of the new projects of the house, we have proposed several options for the living room design on the ground floor.The interior will be beneficially emphasizing the features of architectural planning.The highlight of this part of the house space became high ceilings and large windows. The interior of a beautiful majlis interior design is divided into two zones. Divide the space of the interior, designers of Luxury Antonovich Design studio, decided with the help of the beautiful partitions which is decorated with exquisite stucco and marble. The authors of the project harmoniously have added to the eastern style features of a noble classic style.It is a perfect and proven way to emphasize respectability of the house and add a touch of elegance.Luxury Italian furniture has become almost the main decoration of the dining room design and living room interior. Furniture upholstered in with luxurious fabrics with printed patterns and inlaid with carved decoration of handwork.Practical and aristocratic look have flooring decor made of natural marble. Marble with carved patterns became one of the methods of the dining hall design zoning. Majlis design and dining area design area outlined by the wide band with fine curls of carved pattern with 2D effect.

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