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Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Arabic Majlis Interior Design from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of a noble design with the beautiful notes of the east. The saturated sandy color gives a sense of the beauty of the desert. It is warm, zephyrian and beautiful ... The graceful chandeliers give palatial luxury to the room. Every bend, every crystal emphasize originality of the interior. A furniture plays an important role in the Arabic Majlis Interior Design, especially Majlis sofa set. Our experts came up to the production of this element of the interior with a special attention. An array from the natural wood, high-quality upholstery from elegant fabrics, veneer from the fine wood. An excellent Arabic Majlis sofa is a highlight of the interior. Furniture is an element decor, which tells a lot about the taste of the house owners, as well as about the lifestyle. You can buy Arabic Majlis furniture directly from our manufacturers. This furniture can create a lasting impression in the guests and visitors of the home. Choosing Arabic Majlis sofa for your Majlis design, you look at the perfect combination of fabrics, wood, rich decor, and exclusive of the creative work. The original cushions emphasize the homely comfort, make the room more attractive. The decorative moldings on the walls - it is, above all, an exclusive decor. Using such design of the unit, you can talk about the refined taste and unique design. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design develops a beautiful and elegant Arabic Majlis Interior Design, which is never repeated. Each design of space is a unique creation from the true professionals.

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