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The interior design of this stunning luxury premium children’s clothing store area is both imaginative and beautiful. The rooms major accent colors are stunning green and peach, while the core colors are brown and white. These colors work together to produce a gorgeous atmosphere that is ideal for unwinding with your child after a hard day. A large area and plenty of seats are included in the luxury premium children’s clothing store room interior design to accommodate a large shopping. The room was created with the intention of providing the greatest shopping experience possible for you and your family. This luxury premium children’s clothing store room interior design features meticulous details developed by Luxury Antonovich Design. The decors bring life to the space while also adding gorgeous hues. The interior design of the luxury premium children’s clothing store room is open and links to the fitting room space. To complete the appearance, the fitting room is painted in the same hues as the children’s clothing store room. The furniture design is stunning, and its ideal for the interior decor of this luxury premium children’s clothing store area. With their clean style and aspect, the lovely chairs and table are quite modern.


The luxury premium interior designs delicate designs are likewise one-of-a-kind, adding to the rooms spectacular appeal. The excellent lighting completes the luxury premium interior design, making this store even more magnificent. Store interior designs are frequently left unadorned and uninteresting. However, Luxury Antonovich Design has with luxury premium interior design that has all of the glitz and glam that you require for a magnificent and lovely interior for your future store. With its gorgeous light tone, the modern interior design is elegant. Its ideal for shopping and relaxing on a daily basis. Because the Store interior design and children’s clothing store area are integrated, the children’s clothing store is considerably more convenient. If you want a luxury premium interior design, you should stick to a single concept. The magnificent children’s clothing store room, like this exquisite luxury premium interior design from Luxury Antonovich Design, contains all of the necessities for a luxury store.


The subject of this luxurious premiums interior decor is modern elegance. With their clean and beautiful aesthetic, the colors are highly fashionable. The luxurious premium interior design is enhanced by vertical wood line wall decors. The colorful seats and tables keep things nice. The carpet is likewise fairly plain, but it has a sumptuous feel about it. The television rack adds to the rooms contemporary atmosphere. The room is magnificent and lovely in every way. Every component of the luxury premium interior design is furnished with luxury furniture. There are various relaxing places in the luxury premium interior design where you may shop and relax with your loved ones. The passageways are spacious enough to allow you to wander around freely. The room is also rather large. The layout of this luxury premium interior design ensures that you can move about without difficulty. Its exquisite furniture is also unique, making the luxury premium interior design the ideal modern store. The colors are more subdued, with browns and neutrals that are ideal for a professional image. The hallway has a luxury mansion feel to it, with cream and gold accents that complement the grandiose design. There is no requirement for a single theme in a beautiful and luxurious premium interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design, a leading luxury interior design firm with showrooms in the UAE and around the world, created this luxury premium interior design with a variety of styles and themes to suit the personalities of the premiums various owners and family members.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 623 sq. M

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