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Entrance Design in a Classic Villa

These solutions combine the knowledge of ancient traditions and possibilities of the newest technologies. What is interior design at nowadays? This is an absolute comfort with the intellectual content. The design of the Hall we distinguish as an individual part in the work. The hall in luxury villas is becoming one of the main reflections of the spirit of the family, their traditions, high status and sense of beauty. This villa design project in the UAE in the style of modern classics. The hall is spacious according to the architectural project occupies most of the central portal of the building and extends to its full height. The main decoration of the interior has become the luxury double staircase. A main element of the decor - its white marble. To dilute the pastel palette of the interior, designers uses such traditional elements as the stained-glass windows. the Tiffany technique. And on the sides of the ladder tall narrow windows decorated with stained glass from the interlacing brass strips that are visually reminiscent of one of the eastern architectural elements Mashrabov. Carved pattern on the marble floor became an elegant reflection of the stained-glass window on the ceiling. Elaborate patterns of natural marble brown tint make the interior very bright and expressive. Forged balustrade with gilded railings made of wood valuable species merges into the top of the stairs. This makes the stairs portal complete and harmonious. home design ideas its a look into the future, as the architecture and interior design.


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