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Entrance Design Nigeria


The space by the door should not be cluttered with jackets and shoes. This space can be as pleasing to the eye as other rooms, so chaos has no place here. When there is a lot of space, the interior of the hallway should look luxurious. If you want to achieve just such an effect, our designers at Luxury Antonovich Design advise using marble tiles as flooring, choosing furniture with curved legs and, of course, hanging a crystal chandelier, which will be a bright accent in the interior. To achieve such a result will help the design principles of the classic style or art deco. Lovers of simple lines and smooth surfaces will like minimalism and modern style.

An important role in the successful design of the interior of the entrance from Luxury Antonovich Design plays an important role in the quality of finishing materials. In addition to the fact that they must comply with the principle of environmental friendliness, it is necessary to comply with several other rules.


The modern industry offers many different colors and textures of natural stone. One of the best options for flooring can be a marble tile or granite. Textile varieties of wallpaper or wall panels are ideal for decorating and finishing walls for the classics. Their unique texture and wall decor in the form of plaster moldings and carvings will definitely decorate the room. In the design of the ceiling by Luxury Antonovich Design will look appropriate multilevel plasterboard structures. Despite the rapid development of modern, high-tech trends that promise to make life more comfortable, the classics by Luxury Antonovich Design do not lose their relevance.

To create a beautiful desired image, our designers follow the canons of classical style:

Use muted shades. Colors must be restrained, pleasant to the perception. The emphasis is on comfort, lightness and hospitality.

Natural materials. This condition from Luxury Antonovich Design helps to implement the previous one, thanks to the natural color and texture of the surfaces. In addition, natural materials have high performance, living energy, as well as a kind of luxury, the invisible presence of which is necessary in any classic interior.

Furniture has clear lines, shapes, tangible symmetry, but at the same time it is decorated with carvings, columns and decorative details such as gilding and inlay.

The interior of the classical style room by Luxury Antonovich Design features a multi-level lighting system that provides light to each section - a crystal chandelier with amazing pendants and textile lampshades, spotlights and wall sconces.

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