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Luxurious Entrance Design


For luxury villas, the entry area should always be the most beautiful and exquisite portion of the property. This area will be the initial impression for anybody that enters the property. As a result, when it comes to the entry area, Antonovich Group always chooses the appropriate lighting to create a wow impact even before the guests and visitors enter the house properly. Antonovich Group provides comprehensive and distinctive lighting services and solutions. For many years, the firm has also been recognized for creating bespoke furniture and chandeliers, which are in great demand for luxury homes and castles.

A high-ceiling entry space merely needs custom-made chandeliers and door designs, which Antonovich Group excels in providing in every exclusive property. With the Antonovich group, every entrance area will undoubtedly achieve the most captivating and enchanting brightness that shines through from the entry point of the villa up to the bottom part of it, as the team only provides the best executions to achieve the most desirable interior mood, particularly for major areas such as the entrance and lobby.


Antonovich Group has always managed to pay attention to every detail in order to conduct absolute interior fit-out improvements when it comes to entry area interior design. Antonovich Group emphasizes the significance of balance in every scheme to reach the highest standards in every design execution by bringing forth the greatest services and design executions. Luxury villas in Dubai designed by the leading interior designers in Dubai - Antonovich Group - often feature a high ceiling and an excellent detail design for gypsum, walls, and joinery works. And, when it comes to luxury design, the Antonovich group is consistently at the top of every clients list in Dubai.

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