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Royal Entrance Interior Kenya


Stunning colors, finely moulded shapes, the best variation of taste can help you to glimpse into your personality and to open your inner King or Queen. Floors sown in magical style, marble columns, walls decorated with precious materials that shroud the hall of bright lights. The interior must be selected taking into account the use of golden decorative elements in mix with black, which always emphasize luxury and grandeur, and will help you to design your dream house.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word "royal"? What should you expect from interior made this way? We know the answer! Natural stone always was and still remains a good decision in creation luxurious interiors. So, what is the function of columns in house design in Kenya?
1. Practical value. These beams provide support for overlapping.
2. Decorative function. Vertical architectural elements help to organize the space and bring a certain rhythm into the overall picture of perception.
3. Zoning. Vertical racks can clearly distinguish the zones in the room from each other without blocking the area.


In a two-level apartment or a house one of the central places is occupied by stairs between the floors. It is not just a constructive element of the building, but a very important subject in the whole interior design as well. Of course the most luxurious option is marble stairs. For the interior in the Empire or modern style will suit stairs with open-worked forged railings. At your request, you can add golden elements, chandeliers and sconces.


In residences of aristocrats ancient statues were present to keep order. Such typical sculptures fit perfectly modern or classical style of interior design. They are fully combined with all the colors, style and materials, and help the whole space look exquisitely, with taste of chic of Kenya.


Last, but certainly not least, lightening plays a very big and important role in decoration and design because your impression of the interior depends on it when you enter the room, it makes your mood and well-being when you are in it. Whether you are looking to be unique or exude elegance there is a color to match your personality. Royal symbolizes intelligence and sophistication that is why crystal chandelier will be the best choice to make the space look classy and create a spectacular view. If you add a crystal chandelier, a vase with flowers, a statue and elegant candlesticks - the room would have a completely different look. It would become delicate and stylish. With Luxury Antonovich Design you could see the final and best result in a short time. Our professionals use the newest approaches in 3d house design. Just make a move towards your dream.

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