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Best Entrance Interior Design

Luxury and beauty the interior of the house in classical style is reflected in the amazing in its beauty the details of the decor. Interior designers have created an extremely elegant and aristocratic interior of the modern family nest. It is the classic style of the interior becomes a way to establish family traditions and create a comfortable home in which will be enjoying the comfort and coziness more than one generation of the family. And this gentility and respectability begin with the spacious hall interior.Rich wall decor is worthy of the royal palace. Decor is based on an elite decorative plaster gray shade.Against this background, very bright and saturated looks elements of the stucco decoration, which is covered with gold leaf. One of the highlights, which is brought into the interior festive spirit of art deco, has become wall decor near console table. Console on carved gilded legs perfectly combined with the beautiful frame of the mirror in the form of the sun. A significant part of the wall decor, became paintings, with special lighting. This element clearly shows a good taste of house owners and their love of art.Marble floors have become one of the most picturesque parts of the interior. Classic ornaments made of marble of various shades resemble little beautiful Persian rug. The ceilings are decorated with quite deep niches. They are outlined by the wide moldings with large swirls of stucco decoration.This sculptural element seems to be more expressive due to the additional illumination.Interior of the house in the classical style gives pleasant aesthetic emotions.

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