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Children's Playroom Interior

In the authors project of the luxury apartment, we have designed a separate room for children’s games and activities. Kids room for games continues the concept of interior design in the style of modern classics. Along with the creation of absolute comfort for children, interior designers create perfect images to bring up an impeccable taste of children from the early years. An excellent range of pastel shades adjusts to the calm and focused mood during classes or games. A large window that lets in sufficient daylight is decorated with kids curtains of precious silk in creamy colors. The high ceiling in the center is decorated with a stylish chandelier. Boiserie is filled with elite silk wallpaper in beige colors with printed patterns. Kids room decor has the same features of respectability and gentility that all the other rooms in the house. The floor of light natural wood of valuable species and soft fluffy carpet set up in a cozy mood. The kids bedroom furniture looks comfortable and Noble in the kids bedroom; the sofa is upholstered in a genuine leather of dark brown hue. Space has such qualities as ergonomics and functionality. Desk made of wood follows the curve of the wall. To properly organize a relatively small space, the sofa is in a niche of a large bookcase. Playroom interior design is entirely consistent with its purpose, giving children a sense of absolute comfort both during classes and games.

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