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Children's Rooms Design , Marine Theme

Children's room interior design has a very sweet and romantic character, as well as the owner of this room is. House design in Abu Dhabi was the perfect opportunity to create an ideal environment for each family member. For the youngest daughter interior designers have created a comfortable and luxurious children's room interior , which reflected her sweet and romantic character. White ceiling is decorated with a shallow niche with the outline of the flower. On a white background the elegant chandelier with shades of turquoise hue looks juicy bright. It is surrounded with many LED lamps. This method allows even at night to create the effect of a sunny day. If you wish to create a cozy muted atmosphere interior designers Abu Dhabi use the line of illumination, which define niches in the walls. Turquoise accents continue in the decoration of the windows. Luxury noble silk curtains are picked up in two places with golden tassels. Boiserie on the walls is filled with soft cream color wallpaper with lace ornaments. Floor of light wood of valuable species brought a feeling of warmth of nature. The basis of the romantic mood in the interior is defined with a charming canopy over the bed of translucent silk of lilac shade.

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