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Cozy Children's Room Interior


In the images above, you will see classic kids interior designs in beautiful soft blue and gold colors; all with a touch of luxury. The gold wall decor adds to the beautiful feel of the interior design. A gender-neutral theme that is safe for any personality. Its beautiful and big chandelier is one of the standouts in this beautiful luxury kids bedroom. A perfect combination of luxury and kids style! The bed is also beautiful which is perfect for a luxury lifestyle.

With Luxury Antonovich Design, the company has many choices of beautiful interiors that go from vintage to modern. The beautiful mirror is also a good addition to an extra elegant ambiance. In the photos, the gold and blue themes of the room were utilized beautifully. The racks are well placed with the sofas being strategically placed to give a huge space to the luxury bedroom. The room is surrounded by extravagant features such as the lamp and the cabinets. The classy theme of the room continues in all corners of the luxury haven.

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