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The highest degree of perfection, harmony, impeccability, and beauty is reflected in this marvelous interior of the bedroom. This beauty did not arise on its own. With the help of creative ideas of the Antonovich Design studio designers, their colossal experience in creating classical interiors was able to perfectly reflect the character of the owner of the bedroom, the young and beautiful girl. We offer a small virtual walk around the room and enjoy its beautiful moments. And we will begin our little trip with the main thing in the interior, the bed. Its headboard is studded with natural silk of a silvery hue. The perfect diamond-shaped texture makes this piece of furniture cozy and soft, and even more refined. But the picture would not be complete without a fine incrustation carved wood, which is covered with a silvery paint. And the decoration of the bed completely filled the room with the charm of royal luxury. A beautiful silk veil with Damascus prints is complemented with cute silk pillows. So, the view from the bed moves smoothly onto the wall decor behind her headboard. Here the traditional classics with all time-tested canons triumphs. The decor panels are filled with silk wallpaper, which shades the thin lines of gilding. Small additions in the form of stucco decor make the walls more refined and expressive. Against this background, the artists painting looks very beautiful and worthy. The bedside tables have become real pearls of this interior. On the furniture of ivory hue, fine openwork ornaments and cute lamps with snow-white shades look great. 3 bedroom floor plan design, 3 bedroom floor plans, 3 bedroom house floor plans, 3 bedroom flat plan and design

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