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The design of the children's room, which is similar to a happy fairy tale, was created by the creative designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich. Everything is so beautiful here that you want to admire this beautiful interior of the children's room for two sisters aged 4 and 5 years. A large enough space allowed creating comfortable areas for sleep, games, and learning. Modern furniture manufacturers create incredibly beautiful options for children's rooms. In this project, the highlight and the main decoration of the room were two charming beds. The carved headboards are encrusted with sophisticated carved decorations with silvering and inlay with semiprecious stones. An obligatory part of the bed was the charming ottomans. Especially luxurious look original canopies made of translucent blue silk, which beautifully decorates the beds with the help of special arched constructions. In the decor of the walls, floors, and ceiling, the interior designer continues the motives of the other rooms in the house. Very warm and cozy look natural parquet on the floor of a light valuable wood. The walls were decorated with elite silk wallpaper with damask ornaments in creamy-golden tones. A circular multi-leveled niche on the ceiling visually combined the space of the interior. A large crystal chandelier with large pendants and a magnificent molded decoration on the medallion around it fills the room with the mood of royal palace luxury. Beautiful curtains of blue silk fit perfectly into the interior of the children's room. A large play area has become a real dream come true for two little princesses.

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