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Our neoclassical bedroom ideas will make definitely become a personal retreat for you. This is perfect for young girls turning into their teenage years. This is a calming room with pretty pastel blue shade that looks like a cloud. Our team makes sure to add depth to this classic inspired bedroom with a blue and white palette that plays with different textiles and elements. The color blue also sits in the bedroom with the pillows designed with nice brocades that reflects a more art-deco era with Victorian-inspired prints. The elegant silk fabrications add a nice and unique texture which reflects elegance. The design on the walls of the intricate pattern carvings is vintage-inspired details that look perfect and in-line with the bedrooms aesthetics. This decorating idea is timeless thats why it will still look perfect and appealing even after decades. decorated with natural linens, this beautiful bed is framed with high-quality wood that supports the bed well. We also added a nice headboard in the same shade as the bed, with a wall designed with marble blue. Adding these personal touches puts more meaning to space while providing a relaxing and comfortable sleeping space. The soft blue carries out a regal theme that accentuates the neutral walls in the room.


If you’re in love with both classic and modern designs these two different designs don’t have to be exclusive in a room. Combining neoclassical elements with modern pieces crashing into a more modern-day aesthetic. Our team made sure to bring in ease into a nice accent color. This hue represents a tranquil design which is in fact, a very pleasing color to look at in a bedroom.

  • Bed: To achieve a more spacious look it is important to choose a bed which will have a great impact but will also save some space for more movement. This lowered platform bed is sleek decorated with the headboard that has a puffed design which adds to the neoclassical effect.
  • Curtains: As you can see the curtains in this bedroom is customized with a braided upper part which adds texture to the bedroom interior.
  • Dresser: With the customized mirror and drawer this dresser is a perfect bedroom for your young ladies. It also has a customized chair which perfectly blends with the entire bedroom aesthetic.
  • Sitting space: An extra sitting space is another addition in this bedroom. We aimed to add this space to make sure that there is another space to relax in aside from the bed. this is a perfect place to read or just relax after a long and tiring day.

Luxury Antonovich Design will make sure to deliver the best bedroom service in your home. From the color scheme to the lightings and fixtures we will all provide it for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your bedroom interior needs.

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